80% AR15 Lower Receiver Overview

80% AR15 Lower Receiver

In trying to build an AR 15 from scratch, you would have to consider the options that may arise in the process of piecing the industry AR components together. Irrespective of building an AR 15 using a carbine method or rifle length AR 15, it all boils down to the what the builder/manufacturer prefers. However, it is also important to know whether you would want to use either a stripped lower receiver or an 80% lower receiver in order to build your AR 15.

An 80% lower receiver is actually an unfinished lower, as the name implies. This means that the lower receiver is only 80% complete in the total milling process. And 80% receivers doesn’t require the buyer to own a Federal Firearms License. But it allows the buyer to Drill and Mill the lower receiver so that it can be installed onto the trigger control group.

Even though there are quite a handful of Federal and State laws and regulations that govern how the manufacturing and distribution of Firearms ought to be done; an AR 15 isn’t seen as a Firearm by the BATF. If it is being used for a personal purpose, the buyer is allowed to do so without having to undergo the serialization process.

If you are a sort of like the Do It Yourself kind of person, then you would be needing a drill press to do this. It is very possible to complete an 80% AR lower receiver quickly and cost effectively too, especially for those who might want to use a precision jig.

The 80% lower receiver gives the AR 15 the satisfaction of being able to give an AR 15 build an overall finishing. As soon a as you mill the lower complete, you would have to install the part kits of the AR 15 lower receiver.

Every single piece on the AR15 Lower Receiver, is actually replaceable in order to help in the completion of a 308 – AR15.

There are also three interchangeable plates that makes very feasible to Mill into the fire control group. And then you have the Side plates that are fitted with drill bushings, such that it allows for proper drilling the hammer pin and trigger.

A full set of Side plates and Top plates are very much inclusive in the 80% AR15 Lower Receiver set. There are also separate plates that can easily be ordered for…when needed.

You might wonder what a stripped lower receiver really is. Well, it is a serialized lower receiver that was entirely built and completed by its manufacturer. And it is under the jurisdiction of the laws with regards to the Federal Firearms License transfer. Thus, it is important that relevant paperwork and document transfer be completed before the buyer of lower receiver can finally take full possession of it. The stripped lower receiver also allows the AR 15 manufacturer to use a CNC machine which would helped in providing and a precision fitting and finishing as well as tight tolerances.