Who can apply for a personal loan from Myloan.sg

There are number of online vendors and service providers that are accredited and have the authority to provide assistance in terms of selecting the right lender of person loan. People of Singapore opt for the personal loan for various reasons but to be eligible a person have to fulfill the criteria as well.

Singapore banks ensures that the person have the capacity and the minimum age to apply for the personal loan and for that reason most banks want you to be a Citizen of Singapore or a Permanent Resident of aged 21 and above. Although foreigners can also apply for personal loans, but requirements are higher than the usual; like more income than the one required for the citizens. Apart from the age and nationality status a person is usually requested to need to produce CPF statements or pay slips form 3 or 6 months and other than that the credit records and rating is also assessed by the banks.

Further to this the loan amount and the repayments are also dependent on the various factors. Like you can easily get a personal loan, even up to four times of your monthly salary, but the amount of loan depends on the bank polices as well. In Singapore the banks which offers the personal loans; have set a minimum limit for the loans; which is S$1,000; but the comparison site like http://www.myloan.sg/ gives the range from S$1,000 to S$100,000 and the contract ranges is from 1 year and up to 7 years; so flexible enough for the customer to chose as per the needs.

But to make life at ease and to get the loan in instant manner; Myloan.sg works the best. This site is accredited with the lenders in Singapore. Since it has all details of the lenders and the borrower; it ensures that the best and lower APR rate lender is offered to the borrower. Once a person enters the basic information; it selected the lender which is best as per the needs and demands of the customers. This is one of the reasons; it can give all lenders which have the max amount of loan and even the time period as well. Hence a person has the flexibility to not only choose the desired amount but the time period of repayment as well.

Myloan works on the transparency and they have ethical code of conduct as well and to maintain their work ethics they work only with their lender who have demonstrated their worth and finical creditability as well. In case you are citizen of Singapore and you meet the criteria for the personal loan; make sure that service provider like Myloan is the one who can give you the best solution for your loan and repayments. One of the best aspects about Myloan is that it make sure that the customer is free from the hassle of documents, approval waiting, creditability of the vendor and also the cost of service as well; thus there are no excess fee or processing fees attached to the comparison of the loan.